Check under your couch cushions, and then do these

So you didn’t win the Powerball? Didn’t take any Golden Globes home?

Then try these to save up money for your next lottery ticket purchase.

  1. Cook at home.

I’m sure you’ve heard this one before. Many, many times. But honestly, guys, my average meal out costs close to $10. My cooked meal at home is probably closer to $2.

  1. Cut down on coffee and alcohol.

My name is Tamara and I am a Starbucks addict. Although I am not as bad as this guy and I am by no means telling you to give up coffee for a year, I do think both you and I know that we can go a week without buying overpriced drinks at the corner coffee shop or bar. Cha-ching $$$.

  1. If you’re smoking…

Just stop.

  1. “Baby, it’s cold outside…”

Yup, and you are going to bundle up with lots of comfortable blankets and hot drinks and keep that heat in your house down! (Also, it might not be a bad idea to weatherproof your apartment/home).

  1. Put that Hulu, Netflix, or Audible subscription on pause.

I recently learned about this place that lets you borrow books, movies, audio books… and all for FREE. Spoiler: it’s your local library. Some libraries even have apps now, so if you don’t have the time to physically go to the library, you can use your computer/phone/kindle to download or listen to books/podcasts!

And while you are at it, go ahead and cancel all of those subscriptions you don’t use anymore. Look at your bank statements to make sure you are not forgetting anything.

  1. Maybe consider ditching your gym.

I am ALL for you staying fit, but why not take a long walk/run around the block? What about doing some yoga on YouTube at home? Or you can borrow some work out DVDs from your library! How awesome! And let’s be honest, how often were you going, anyway?

  1. Clean out your closet.

This will help you stay organized and you might earn a penny or two. Sell your old sweater to your local clothing consignment shops or you can try websites like Thredup (I haven’t tried them yet, but you let me know how that goes).

  1. Negotiate rates with your credit card companies and banks.

You might be able to negotiate lowering your interest rates on your credit cards, you just have to call! If that fails, you could transfer your balance to a difference account (choose an account with one of those “0% APR for your first X months” deals).

Simply being mindful of your spendings can save you lots of money.

  1. If nothing else works…

You could use a Digit account to help you save. It’s a free program that helps you save money without you having to do anything (they say you won’t even notice the money going). There’s no fees and you have full control over your money. Definitely worth checking it out. I love it.

Good luck next week with Powerball.

Every penny counts. Buy yourself something nice that you deserve with all those pennies you are now going to save.


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