A few simple reminders for a successful day

Hopefully you already have these, but if you don’t, here’s a reminder:


Before you start your day…

make a list

This is super important, so go ahead and do this now:


Some time between now and lunch…

Reward yourself

At lunch…


By the afternoon, your energy levels might be getting a bit low, so…


Sometime in the afternoon…


After work (or in the late afternoon)…

call or text

In the evening…


Before you go to bed…

3 good things

Most often, it’s the little things in life that make all the difference. Remind yourself to live with intention, to savor everyday moments, to keep track of your accomplishments, to stay in touch with others, to set quality goals… All of these are simple, yet important steps to becoming successful and happy.

Just remember:

You can do anything.



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