13 Ways To Fight Winter Blues

Some of us tend to get a little under the weather right after the holidays and before wonderful spring comes. To keep your mood positive and your spirits up, keep these four things in mind:

Get enough exercise, eat healthy, let the light in and get outside, and stay social.

It’s easy to forget to do these simple things, but any way to incorporate these into your daily life is going have a great payoff.

Here are some ideas of what you can do to keep those Winter Blues away. (and I included the budget-friendly DIY versions, “alternative version,” of most of these to make it easier)

1. Get your nails done.

Treat yourself for a day at the salon! Chat it up with your favorite manicurist and catch up on the latest gossip.nails

Alternative version: Paint your nails yourself, or invite your girlfriends over for some at-home mani/pedi time.

2. Get a spray tan.

Miss that sun-kissed summer glow? Since I’m sure you don’t want skin cancer, spray tans are your answer! Go get one at your local salon and check out the re-discovered muscle definition the tan will provide. tan

Alternative version: Use some self-tanning lotion. Here’s one that my mother has been using lately, and here’s a popular highly-ranked one among Amazon users. Maybe have a friend spray your back and do theirs in return:)

3. Spa day.

Experience a spa day of rejuvenating facials, energizing massages, and invigorating hair masks. Have your friends join you and have a girls-day out. Or get a couples massage with your loved one. spa

Alternative version: Make your facial mask and hair mask out of the ingredients you have at home. Massage and exfoliate your feet, then put your favorite lotion on. Turn your bathroom into a steam room. Add some relaxing essential oils into your routine and kick back with some soothing music.

4. Work-out.

Getting enough exercise is crucial to your overall well-being. Although hitting the local gym might be rather difficult at this time (New Year Resolutioners and all), signing up for a session or two of personal training might be nice! Go to an exercise class of your choice, or just go jog around the block.workout

Alternative version: Jogging around the block is already budget friendly, but maybe instead of doing an exercise class or a personal gym session, log onto youtube and do a personalized session of your choice at home!

6. Volunteer.

Giving back to your community is always rewarding in more ways than I could list here. So just go do it!volunteer

7. DIY projects.

Make a new house decoration! Practice something fun like crocheting or knitting. Join a local gardening club or take a class at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s.  diy

Alternative version: Make a DIY project with whatever you already have around the house! Easy enough. Pinterest is a great resource, but both Hobby Lobby and Michael’s also have ideas online.

8. Puzzle and board games.

Whatever your pleasure is: crossword puzzle, Sudoku, jigsaw, board games…. Or all of them! Have a game night with your friends. boardgame

Alternative version: Check out your local thrift store for some puzzles and board games, you’ll be surprised with what you can find (I found this gem once and playing it was QUITE the experience, and I only paid a couple dollars for it!).

9. Send love.

Pick out some extravagant letterhead and sit down to write letters to those loved ones you rarely get to see. Put together surprise care-packages. Send cards and gifts to friends with upcoming birthdays. While you are at it, learn how to calligraphy and show off your new skill when writing these. letters

Alternative version: Send some hand-made cards to your friends and family for fun! Get creative! Teach yourself to calligraphy, work on your cursive, experience with different fonts… Or find some unique cards at local garage sales and thrifts stores (again, you might be surprised, this could even become a hobby!). Include some homemade goods with recipes attached.

10. Special dinner.

Take your girlfriend out to that new hot spot around the corner that you haven’t had time to explore yet. Put on that fancy dress and heels and enjoy a candle-lit dinner with your significant other. Spend some quality time with those special people in your life, you deserve it.dinner

Alternative version: Cook something special at home, dress the table, set your best plates and silver wear. Treat yourself. Light some candles and get some freshly-cut flowers. Wear something fancy, if you wish.  Or just have a themed pot-luck meal with your friends!

11. Grow something.

Start planting flowers and indoor herb gardens. You can put something together as easy as this flower creation or as complex as this indoor herb garden. Flowers make everyone smile! Imagine if you grow your own. Use the herbs to spice up your home cooked meals. By the time spring comes around, you might be able to re-plant some onto your front lawn.  plant

12. Organize and get rid of stuff.

Think you might use it in a few months? Haven’t used it in a year? Then you probably won’t miss it, so toss it in a box and donate it to someone in need. Go through your closet and give away everything you haven’t worn in a while. If you wouldn’t buy it at the store today, you don’t need it. Donate those samples of shampoos, lotions, make-up, etc. These are widely used at shelters due to their convenient size. clothing

Alternative version: Have a garage sale to get rid of everything you no longer use or need. Sell your old clothing online (websites like thredup, craigslist, or a Facebook swap shop would all be great places to start). Sell or trade in your old text books, games, and/or movies. Invite a friend over and barter/exchange whatever is still in decent condition between the two of you. Donate whatever is left.

13. Start Spring Cleaning

When is a better time than now? Go ahead and start cleaning. Wash those windows… dust those fans…. cleaning






Just remember: Spring is around the corner! Keep yourself busy and don’t forget:

Get enough exercise, eat healthy, let the light in and get outside, and stay social.

You deserve to be happy, so make it happen!


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